My passion for doing hair derives from childhood whilst growing up in Ghana. I will gather my peers to braid and style their hair and put make up on them.

From then I have always had the zeal to pursue beauty, hairdressing and make up. Subsequently as a teen I was braiding, weaving, coloring, relaxing and styling as a profession.

I will effortlessly and continuously do hair the whole day.

Best Hairstylist in South East Atlanta
Nase’s Natural Hair Care

People will always say; ‘Grace have a break’! I guess I could go on because I enjoyed what I was doing and also loved the fact that many people trusted me to do their hair. I took pride in caring for people’s hair. I always say we are not our hair but is part of us and defines us as people. Caring for my hair and other people’s hair, have drawn me to interact and engage with so many diverse people. This reflects my persona and defines my approachable nature.

Many years after in 2002, I relocated to the United States of America. This was when I decided to embrace my hair as it is. The idea of working full time, 6 days a week and church on Sundays meant I had no time for my hair or even build new clientele. At this point in my life I felt it was much easier to maintain my hair by cutting it and keeping it short, ‘boys style’ as people started to calling it, but I wasn’t fazed by it.

I had settled well in my new country and environment. I wanted a different hairstyle. I knew I didn’t want relax or do anything that will damage my natural hair. I started researching on natural hairstyles and this when I stumbled on Sisterlocks in 2006. The more I read about it, I realized this type of hair would greatly compliment me as a person. On the July 26 2006, after months of researching, I had decided to install Sisterlocks as a birthday gift to myself. I was so excited and once it was fully installed it felt amazing. I regretted for not doing this earlier.

I had my Sisterlocks for 10 years and my hair grew from 2inches to 27inches. My hair has grown longer and thicker in the last 10 years than it ever did in my last 30 years. Whatever you put in your hair defines the appearance, length, and thickness of your hair. I have tried out so many things with my hair and I can honestly say natural its best.

In July 2013 I gained the qualification to become a Consultant in Sisterlocks. As Sisterlocks Consultant, I am aware that so many people have challenges with the natural hair journey. As the media places so much emphasis on what is beautiful, and continue to portray silky straight hair as the norm. I call it the; ‘the make believe hair types’. It is so fulfilling knowing I can confidently encourage other people to love their hair.